Monday, 26 March 2012

In Solidarity and Celebration of Rajoana

In Solidarity and Celebration of Rajoana and in line with Akal Takht Aadesh many Sikhs are planning not to go to work on Wednesday 28 March 2012. Please feel free to use the below template letter below to pass on to your employers.


I will not be in work on Wednesday 28th March 2012.
The Akal Takht (Highest Supreme Authority of the Sikhs) on Friday 23rd March issued a Hukamnama (order) calling for all Sikhs to close their businesses and not to go to work on Wednesday 28th March 2012.
This decree upon Sikhs from the Akal Takht has been issued to highlight and support the objections of all Sikhs and humanitarians across the world that stand opposed to the Indian judiciary’s decision to execute Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.
Rajoana gave up his life so that the lives of tens of thousands of others could be spared.

In his will he has asked simply for his eyes and all other bodily parts to be given to needy donors.

His jailers are so moved by Rajoana’s calm, loving, affectionate and altruistic demeanour that they have refused to hang him on moral grounds!

In response to this heart breaking situation The Akal Takht has issued an edict that this Wednesday (28th of March) all Sikhs should close their businesses and not go to work. Sikhs should spend the day peacefully praying.

I am sure that you will understand the reason why I will not be at work on Wednesday.

I will be back in work on Thursday 29th March 2012 in accordance with usual work hours.

Thank you for your support and understanding