Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bhai Rajoana's Letter dated 7 Apr 2012

Ik Oangkaar
Respectable Khalsa Jio,
Waheguruji ka Khalsa
Waheguruji ki Fateh.

First of all, I pray to Lord Almighty, to bless the Panth with 'Chardi-Kalaa' (High spirits).

All the young heirs to my 'Kaum' residing nationally or internationally! The 'sangharsh' (peace protests) done by you all, holding the 'Kesri nishaan' (saffron flag) in your hands, has brought worldwide attention towards the Khalsa Panth. The Kesri Nishaan everywhere brought a new passion into the sad atmosphere in the Khalsa Panth.

Dear children, today I would like to request you all to return home (Sikhi Saroop). I know that you haven't gone far. You were let down by your leaders but were guarding your home from outside. Recently, you have proved that, by tying 'Kesri' turbans and holdng Kesri Nishaan during the protests.

Dear children, our home is the most wonderful and unique of all.

The foundation stone of our home was laid by Guru Naanak Dev Ji themselves; then Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amar Daas Ji and Guru Raam Daas Ji had built the foundation and the walls with their own hands.

Guru Arjan Dev ji had built the roof over our home by sitting on the 'Tatti Tavi' (hot iron plate).

Guru Tegh Bahadur ji had then plastered the walls of our home by being beheaded at the Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Then Guru Gobind Singh Ji installed the Kesri Nishaan over our unprecedented and unique home by sacrificing his four Sahebzaadey.

And then, Baba Deep Singh ji, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Mai Bhago and millions of other Sikhs sacrificed themselves in the battlefield to build a fence around our home.

The proud-to-be-a-sikh Sikhs, then made the garden of our home by being cut bone-by-bone, sown into halves, and by mothers who were made to wear a garland of body pieces of their own babies.

The lovely scent of this garden has acquianted the world of its being.

You tell me, my children! Will anyone want to leave this wonderful and unique home? Do accept my request and come home. While coming home, remember to bow your head only before the One Akaal Purakh, the One Sri Guru Granth Saheb ji and the Akaal Takhat Saheb; none else.

Beware of the Saadhs, who are stuck in the 'daldal' (quicksand) of money and conspiracies, and only focus your life on Naam Japna (recite Lord's name), Kirt Karni (honest and truthful labour) and Wand Chhakna (sharing).

Dear children! By wearing the Sikhi attire, live every aspect of your life in such a way, that the world bows before you and salutes you. Wake up at amritvela, recite the Guru's Name, create play-grounds in every village, do some exercise, eat healthily, consider the drugs as your enemies and chuck them away. Create such an atmosphere around you that the entire world becomes astounded.

Our Makki di roti, Saron da saag and chaati di lassi are much tastier and healthier than the pizzas and burgers of the West.

We will have to take pride in us being Sikhs at first; only then will the world be proud of us.
Dear children! I pray to the Supreme Being that may you be the pride of this proud and unique home.

Dear children! When I ask you to come home (sikhi saroop), I also have in mind, the ones who are already home. My only request to the family members who're at home is, that they should not treat this wonderful and unique home as a means of money-making, and rather leave it as the symbol of pride, honour and self-respect!

Come on everyone! Let's all decide to come home on this auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi and follow the Guru. I congratulate the entire Khalsa panth on the occasion Vaisakhi.

I will always be indebted to the love, that the youth residing nationally or overseas have given me.

God bless.


Balwant Singh Rajoana
Cell no. 16,
Central Jail, Patiala.
Dated: 07/04/2012.